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Brush cleaning precautions

1, absolutely do not reverse hair cleaning.
2, after cleaning, with a facial tissue or a cotton pad with a finger gently press, so that the water discharge, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles, will make the structure of loose hair, resulting in hair removal.


A brief overview of the basic meaning of the ball brush

Ball brush, also known as soft grindstone, it is a type of industrial brush for a variety of models of various specifications of the cylindrical parts of the grinding process, after the ball brush tool to deal with the metal surface effect is other tools can not Match.


All kinds of industrial brush maintenance and storage methods

Brush every time after use, should be timely with supporting thin cloth clean. Such as the first day after the use of the same day but also with the same performance and the same color paint, the brush can be immersed in thinner infiltration, the use of dry solvent. Such as the next day for the change of paint or color, you must use the thinner repeatedly washed thoroughly brush to prevent residual paint mixed with new paint quality.


The use of industrial brushes

1, the textile industry: products are stereotypes wool brush round, sanding machine brush, brush hair brush, combing machine brush, brown brush, spinning machine brush, scrub brush, polished cloth round.


How do industrial brushes win the market to win customers?

At present, the industrial brush increasingly fierce competition, the ultimate winner, was undoubtedly the quality of those who pay attention to the credibility of the enterprise. Industrial brush is a small industry, the user does not understand the industrial brush, only in the impact of their work efficiency and product quality, only enough attention.