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A brief overview of the basic meaning of the ball brush

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  Ball brush, also known as soft grindstone, it is a type of industrial brush for a variety of models of various specifications of the cylindrical parts of the grinding process, after the ball brush tool to deal with the metal surface effect is other tools can not Match. The whole process involves a geometric arrangement of the surface of the object with a complete set of treatments for the microstructure. The treated surface is completely free of any scratches, torn marks, or folded metal.

  Specifically, the whole process is a set of low-temperature low-pressure grinding system to the original base metal structure to show the formation of durable surface. This surface in the metallographic phase without any pre-mechanical processing left by the fragmented, indefinite shape or spotted metal. In addition, it is possible to form a textured surface with a regular or regular cross-shaped texture, which is important in preserving the lubricating oil.

  A soft grindstone is a flexible, polished tool that is resilient in a relatively gentle way. Its unique structure floats its polished balls, which ensures that the tool is able to control the center and self-adjust it in the process of machining the hole and be able to counteract itself.

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